Dar Victoria: Welcome

The concerned house is located in the traditionnal medina of Fes, in the Andalousis quarter. This place is really surprising by the age (250 years), and by its incredible refinement for decoration.

Stuccos on the place create a special and traditionnal atmosphere, and many symbolic representations are placed in the central courtyard.

This can be air-heated during the winter season, and climatised in summer.

Tourists in Dar Victoria can get many accomodations in charming luxury suites, and benefit all the good time in this comfortable modern place.

They can listen to music, watch television, play different games in the large living-room, drink some tea around the fireplace.

Breakfast can be served in the courtyard, or in the suites, and also on the terrace from which might be seen an important zone of medina (Borj south and Borj north).

It’s also possible to reserve the evening meal.